Jones`s van-work in progress

Last month two groups of Dad's Army Museum volunteers visited Ford's Heritage Workshop in Dagenham to see the progress being made on Jones's Van.

The first visit by Chairman Stuart Wright and volunteer Alan Kempton was followed a couple of days later by a visit from Captain Mainwaring seen here (2nd picture down)inspecting the void where the engine should be - Don't Panic! 

 The van has returned to the site where it was first built in 1935 for a thorough overhaul to ensure that it can carry out its commitments throughout the coming years. Ford's have kindly underwritten the costs of the overhaul including collecting and returning the van from Thetford. Volunteer, Tim Edwards made the point that such a gesture was like having an 80 year warranty on a vehicle! The second photograph shows the van on a low loader leaving Thetford for Dagenham.

 The Ford's technicians, Ivan Bartholomeusz and Colin Gray seen here (photo 4) with volunteers Alan Measom and Mick Whitman (aka Captain Mainwaring) had previously visited the Museum to assess the condition of the van. With their years of experience, encyclopaedic knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm, Ivan and Colin have now removed and dismantled the engine, gearbox and running gear and are in the process of replacing worn and damaged components before re-assembling.


It is hoped that the works will be completed in time for the release of the new Dad's Army Film at the beginning of February.