Super hero

Some special visitors to the museum on Saturday June 26th.


Neville Lockwood

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of our volunteers Neville Lockwood.
Neville joined the museum team when the museum first opened. He was always happy to help.
Having been an extra during the original filming of the show he would share his stories with his fellow volunteers and the museum visitors. He will be greatly missed by us all. An all round lovely person. Neville pictured here on the right.Our thoughts are with Dawn, Chris and the rest of the family.

Pike is on guard

Our latest Dad`s Army mural by Mark Harper has been put on display. In an old doorway of the Chilterns Estate agents Pike is now guarding the town bridge, just across the road from the statue of Captain Mainiwaring.


Bike tour 2020

A quick visit to the museum on Friday evening September 19th by "The Old Boys" Veteran Cycle Club raising money for NHS charities.


Statue Day June 20th 2019

Today should have been Statue Day, it is 10 years since the statue was unveiled in the rain. We were going to mark the event and thank all those who helped in all sorts of ways. Maybe next year !

We have also launched our new Statue Badge. Available in our web shop.